Anti Bureaucracy Coin Airdrop List 2018 | Free Crypto Airdrop Tokens

Project Description :

Blockchain Proof of Authenticity, Identity, Signatures and certification with Blockchain. Anti Bureaucracy Coin (ABC) is already listed on Braziliex, Idex and TokenJar. Anti Bureaucracy Coin is a digital platform for decentralized Authenticity of identities, signatures and documents, using blockchain protocols and developed by OriginalMy, a Brazilian blockchain company that plans to end bureaucracy and inefficiency in authentication systems. It is a cryptocurrency who will help on fighting the red tape (disfunctional bureaucracy) and eliminating paper on any kind of transactions.

How to Join This Crypto Airdrop ?

  1. Visit the Anti Bureaucracy Coin Airdrop page
  2. To earn 90 ABC token, Complete all social media tasks
  3. Also earn more ABC token with referral link
  4. Everyone who enters, wins ABC! But just 1 lucky person will win 8500 bonus ABC

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