Izetex Crypto Airdrop List | Airdrop Alert 2018

Project Description :

IZX provides a monetization platform for independent developers of games with elements of augmented or virtual reality. The advertising provider may choose games that will be used for its promotional events, their developers get royalties. IZX is based on a blockchain platform, its code is open source, and it has no geographical boundaries.

How to Join This Crypto Airdrop ?

  1.  Chat with this Telegram bot
  2.  Join Telegram group
  3. Download the mobile app and use it: iOS or Android
  4. Submit your details to the bot
  5. Complete mandatory tasks to open more tasks
  6. You can earn up to 2100 IZX tokens
  7. For every referral you will get 100 IZX tokens

Make sure to join Telegram and Twitter Join Now to Get Your Free Tokens
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