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What is Tripago ?

Tripago is a decentralized travel platform which is aiming to revolutionize the travel industry with its multipronged strategy “one coin solution to all travel needs” through its 24×7 decentralized platform and mobile and desktop App.

Description :

The technology is rapidly changing the world we live in. The blockchain technology is next big thing after internet, which is going to change the landscape of technical innovation and redefine the world space. The current status of travel industry hangs around a few big centralized players who have grabbed the entire industry. They have gone big but the traveller is not getting any share in their growth and somehow getting a limited number of facilities at a comparatively higher cost.

Tripago is an upcoming decentralized travel platform targeting trillion dollar travel industry,  built on top of the Ethereum blockchain technology to revolutionize the travel industry with its one stop solution to all travel needs across the globe like “one sim one world”, “easy and free wifi”, real time bookingtrip organiserInternational traveller’s card for getting access to unlimited premium services such as Best airlines, airport lounges, hotels, restaurant, spa, bars and disc  at a  discounted price seamlessly and many more as the preferred Tripago customer.

You can access all the premium service just through a mobile app, no more hassles and waiting for getting access to the world class services and amenities.  Tripago with its worldwide partners will offer the travellers lowest air fares, hotels, holiday bookings, cruise trip, joyrides and adventure sports through the desktop or mobile app on just a few clicks through its native token.

Tripago token will act as fuel for gaining access to Tripago platform and Tripago services which directly multiply the price of Tripago token. The more you use the Tripago platform, the more rewards you will receive from the Tripago.

Tripago token holder’s will earn frequent rewards not only for using tripago platform frequently but also keeping their faith in the tripago to become a leading decentralized platform for trillion dollar travel industry.

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