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Cryptoknowmics 2022-07-07 06:11:08

Crypto Exchange Bitstamp Cancels Plans to Charge Inactive Users

Crypto exchange Bitstamp has decided to cancel plans to charge an inactivity fee of €10 per month to certain inactive users with account balances of less than €200, which had not shown any activity in the previous 12 months. “Keeping inactive accounts on the books is a cost,” said Bitstamp at the time. Bitstamp Scraps Plan For Inactivity Fees According to an official blog post from today, Bitstamp scrapped plans to charge non-US users an ‘inactivity fee’ of 10 euros ($10.18) a month on accounts that haven’t traded, deposited, withdrawn, or staked assets for a year with a total balance of fewer than 200 euros. The fee would have gone into effect on August 1. But now, Bitstamp backtracked on its original plans to scrap the decision altogether, citing customers’ concerns following the announcement. “After listening to our community’s response, we’ve changed course. There will be no inactivity fee. Our goal has always been to be a secure and reliable trading platform that provides industry-leading services, and we do not intend to deviate from this path,” the company wrote in its blog post. 📣 We are not implementing the monthly €10 inactivity fee. Thank you for speaking out, you have been heard. And we've changed course as a result. Read more 👇 https://t.co/SqXmYyaeSY — Bitstamp (@Bitstamp) July 6, 2022 Cost-Cutting Measures Amid Bear Market Bitstamp had earlier said its decision to introduce the fees was to “save cost” as most ...

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