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Cryptopolitan 2021-09-21 22:01:32

Snoop Dogg reveals himself as owner of CozomoMedici Twitter account

TL;DR Breakdown • The rapper has purchased several NFTs worth billions of dollars.• Snoop Dogg could launch a new NFT collection following the latest revelations of him on Twitter. The non-fungible token market returns to the headlines following the latest revelations from legendary rapper Snoop Dogg. This e-auction business is alive on Twitter, with most enthusiasts voicing their support. Among the thousands of NFT fans who connect to the social network is @CozomoMedici, a total stranger for many users. However, everything seems to have changed because the Cozomo account belongs to the rapper. Snoop Dogg shows his identity on Twitter Although Snoop Dogg has his official and verified Twitter account, he did not limit himself to creating an alternate account to express his love for the NFTs. Comozo Medici, as he called himself on the social network, remained anonymous until Snoop released the big news. The account’s name was inspired by an Italian bank manager for the Renaissance period. This nickname fitted perfectly with the non-fungible token movement that seeks to evolve the financial market. Comozo Medici attracted a large following with his extremist tweets supporting NFTs. The Twitter account also gained popularity for having several NFTs in its possession. According to users’ reports, this account would spend several million dollars on NFTs. However, it was still unknown until Snoop Dogg’s name came ...

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