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Bespoke blockchain solutions for NEM, Komodo, and Qtum


What is ChainZilla?

ChainZilla is a company that streamlines blockchain development and deployment. It allows companies and individuals to launch blockchains, decentralized applications, and initial coin offerings with minimal effort. Our goal is to become the standard for Do-it-Yourself blockchain deployment and managed blockchain services. We offer blockchain solutions for Komodo, Ethereum, Nem, and Qtum.

We launched the ZILLA chain which is a medium of currency to pay for services rendered by ChainZilla. The ZILLA chain will become a second-layer of notarization in the Komodo chain. Other uses include: KV storage for IPFS pairing and voting.

Distribution of ChainZilla

Total Supply: 11,000,000

Phase 1 Airdrop — August 30th 2018 (to Komodo holders >500 KMD): 1,000,000

Phase 2 Airdrop (to be determined): 1,000,000

Pre-ICO (completed): 1,000,000

ICO (January 1st-March 31st 2019): 4,000,000

Zilla Fund (locked for 1 year): 3,500,000

Purpose and distribution of the Zilla fund: The remaining 3,500,000 Zillas will be locked for a time of 365 days at which point the team can vote on an approval to unlock funds for expansion purposes. Once the budget is approved and allocated another time-lock will be placed on the unused funds.

How to participate in the Phase 1 Airdrop?

It’s simple!

First Join our discord:

Next, You should download the latest Komodo wallet and hold 500 or more KMD in one address by August 15, 2018 which is the day of the snapshot. The aidrops will be distributed two weeks later on August 30th, 2018.

The 1,000,000 ZILLA will be divided among the addresses with 500 KMD and above based on their balance.

i.e. If you have 500 KMD you will get 1 share. If your address holds 1000 KMD you will get 2 shares. If the address holds 750 KMD you will get 1.5 shares. If you have 499.99 KMD you will not be included in the snapshot.

Based on our calculations, if we divide the entire Komodo supply by the amount of the ZILLA available for the airdrop we estimate that an address with 500 KMD will receive around 4.6 ZILLA. We will know an exact number after the snapshot since it depends on how many addresses hold the required balance to qualify for the airdrop.

Where can I trade ZILLA?

You can trade Zilla on HyperDEX, BarterDEX, and soon we will be listed on various centralized exchanges.










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ICO Ended

30 Mar 2019

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Start Date
01 Jan 2019
Finish Date
30 Mar 2019
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British Indian Ocean
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